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APA Style 7th Edition

Social Media

Social Media

Online Media / Social Media

Cite only original content from social media sites as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so forth. Social media posts may contain text only, text with audiovisuals (e.g., photos, videos), or audiovisuals alone.


Author, A. A. [@username]. (Year, Month Date). Content of the post up to the first 20 words [Tweet]. Site Name. URL


Twitter Profile

Author, A. A. [@username]. (n.d.). Tweets [Twitter profile]. Site Name. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from URL


Facebook Post

Author, A. A. [@username]. (Year, Month Date). Facebook [Status update]. Site Name. URL


Facebook Page

Author, A. A. [@username]. (n.d.). Facebook [Facebook page]. Site Name. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from URL


Instagram, Photo or Video

Author, A. A. [@username]. (Year, Month Date). Content of the post up to the first 20 words. [Video/Photograph]. Site

     Name. https://xxxxxx


Instagram Highlight

Name of Group [@username]. (n.d.). Highlight title [Highlight]. Site Name. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from



Online Forum Post

Author, A. A. & Name of Group [username]. (Year, Month Date). Title of post [Online forum post]. Publisher. m/full/url/.


Source Type Reference List

In-Text Citations

(Parenthetical &Narrative)


National Geographic [@NatGeo]. (2020, January 12). Scientists knew

     African grays are clever, but now they’ve been documented

     assisting other members of their species—even strangers [Tweet].

     Twitter. 2063537154

(National Geographic. 2020)

National Geographic (2020)

Twitter Profile

APA Style [@APA_Style]. (n.d.). Tweets [Twitter profile]. Twitter.

     Retrieved November 1, 2019, from


UNICEF Malaysia [@myUNICEF]. (n.d.). Championing all rights, for all

     children, anywhere [Twitter profile].Twitter. Retrieved December 1, 2020,



Note : Provide retrieval date because the contents of the page can change over time.

(APA Style, n.d.)

APA Style (n.d.)


(UNICEF Malaysia, n.d.)

UNICEF Malaysia (n.d.)

Facebook Post

Ramsay, G. [@gordonramsay]. (2020, November 28). A classic hearty

     pasta dish perfect as the temperature drop! [Video].Facebook. 287018885191


Gaiman, N. (2018, March 22). 100,000+ Rohingya refugees could be at

     serious risk during Bangladesh’s monsoon session. My fellow     

     UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Cate Blanchett is [Image attached]

     [Status update]. Facebook.

(Ramsay, 2020)

Ramsay (2020)



(Gaiman, 2018)

Gaiman (2018)

Facebook Page

National Geographic. (n.d.). Home [Facebook page]. Facebook.

     Retrieved December 2, 2020, from https://www.facebook


(National Geographic, n.d.)

National Geographic (n.d.)

Instagram, Photo or Video

APA Public Interest Directorate [@apapubint]. (2019, June 14). Male

     depression is serious, but many men try to ignore it or refuse

     treatment. Different men have different symptoms, but [Video].





World Wildlife Fund [@world_wildlife], (2020, November 18). Here’s

     some good news for your feed: Seeddispering drones will help

     rebuild koala populations devastated by the Australian bushfires.

     [Photograph]. Instagram.


(APA Public Interest Directorat, 2019)

APA Public Interest Directorat (2019)





(World Wildlife Fund, 2020)

World Wildlife Fund (2020)

Instagram Highlight

Consumer Forum Malaysia [@cfm_malaysia]. (n.d.). Online pocket talk.

     [Highlight]. Instagram. Retrieved October 30, 2020, from


Note: Although each story within the highlight is dated, the highlight itself is not dated, so use "n.d." in the reference. Because the highlight can be changed at any time, with content added or removed, include the retrieval date with the URL.

(Consumer Forum Malaysia, n.d.)

Consumer Forum Malaysia (n.d.)

Online Forum Post

Aster [AsteroidPizza39]. (2020, August 30). Students/Teachers of

     Reddit, what’s the best ‘forgot to turn off the mic’ story during

     virtual learning? [Online forum post]. Reddit.



NOTE: If only the screen name is available for the author, then use the screen name. However, if the author provides a real name, use their real name instead. Be sure to provide the exact date of the posting. Follow the date with the subject line, the thread of the message (not in italics). Provide any identifiers in brackets after the title, as in other types of references.

(Aster, 2020)

Aster (2020)