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APA Style 7th Edition

Conference Papers

Conference Paper


Source Type Reference List In-Text Citations

(Parenthetical &Narrative)

Published Conference Paper in Book Form

Hasmah Zanuddin, & Azizah Hamzah. (2007).

     International trade agreement of intellectual

     property rights (TRIPS), copyright issues & burden

     to enforce in Malaysia. In K.Y. Choi (Ed.), Korean

     studies in Southeast Asia: Strategic cooperation

     and development in research and education:

     Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of

     the Korean Studies Association of Southeast Asia

     University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (pp. 121-138).

     Universiti Malaya.

(Hasmah Zanuddin & Azizah Hamzah, 2007)

Hasmah Zanuddin and Azizah Hamzah (2007).

Proceedings published regularly online

Gross, J., & Böhm, R. (2020). Voluntary restrictions on self-

     reliance increase cooperation and mitigate wealth

     inequality. Proceedings of the National Academy of

     Sciences, 202013744.


Herculano-Houzel, S., Collins, C. E., & Lent, R. (2008). The

     basic nonuniformity of the cerebral cortex. Proceedings

     of the National Academy of Sciences 105, 245-249.


Note : To cite proceedings that are published regularly, use the same format as periodical.

(Gross & Bohm, 2020)

Gross and Bohm (2020)





(Herculano-Houzel et al., 2008)

Herculano-Houzel et al. (2008)

Unpublished Conference Paper

Ardieansyah & Zuliskandar Ramli. (2019, July 27-28).

     Stakeholders in Sumatra Senepis’s tiger conservation

     area management [Paper presentation]. Seminar

      Antarabangsa Arkeologi, Sejarah, Bahasa dan Budaya Di

     Alam Melayu (ASBAM), Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


Nadaraja Kannan. (2006, November). The economic

     depression of the 1930s: Its impact on race relations in

     the Federated Malay State [Paper presentation].

     International Association of Historians of Asia

     Conference, Manila, Philippines.

(Ardieansyah & Zuliskandar Ramli, 2019)

Ardieansyah and Zuliskandar Ramli (2019)




(Nadaraja Kannan, 2006)

Nadaraja Kannan (2006)

Poster Presentation at a Conference

Pearson, J. (2018, September 27-30). Fat talk and its effects

     on state-based body image in women [Poster

     presentation]. Australian Psychological Society 15

     Congress, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

(Pearson, 2018)

Perason (2018)