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APA Style 7th Edition




Source Type Reference List In-Text Citations

(Parenthetical &Narrative)

Academic Exercise / Thesis (Unpublished)

Cheah, W. Y. (2019). Microalgae cultivation in palm oil mill

     effluent for fuel feedstock production [Unpublished

     doctoral dissertation]. Universiti Malaya.


Note : [Unpublished academic exercise];

           [Unpublished master’s thesis];

           [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]

(Cheah, 2019)

Cheah (2019).

Master's Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation from a commercial database

Richardson, D. D. (2019). Purloined subjects: Race, gender,

     and the legacies of colonial surveillance in the British

     Caribbean (Publication No. 27602842) [Doctoral

     dissertation, The University of Akron]. ProQuest

     Dissertations and Theses Global.


Note : [Academic exercise];

            [Master’s thesis];

            [Doctoral dissertation].

(Richardson, 2019)

Richardson (2019)






Master’s Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation from an institutional database (sometimes referred to as a Commons / Digital Archives) or Online

Ahmed, L. (2019). Scalable analysis of large datasets in life

     sciences [Doctoral dissertation, Royal Institute of

     Technology, Stockholm, Sweden]. KTH Diva-Portal.


Aini Hayati Abdul Rahim (2020). Surface roughness of cobalt

     chromium alloy fabricated with selective laser melting and

     conventional techniques [Master’s thesis, Universiti Malaya,

     Malaysia]. University of Malaya Student Repository.



Note :[Master’s thesis];

          [Doctoral dissertation].

(Ahmed, 2019)

Ahmed (2019)




(Aini Hayati Abdul Rahim, 2020)

Aini Hayati Abdul Rahim (2020)