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APA Style 7th Edition

More Than 20 Authors

List by their surname and initials. APA 7th ed. uses “. . .” instead, replacing all authors between the 19th author and the last




More than 20 Authors

Kalnay, E., Kanamitsu, M., Kistler, R., Collins, W., Deaven, D., Gandin, L., Iredell, M., Saha,

     S., White, G., Woollen, J., Zhu, Y., Chelliah, M., Ebisuzaki, W., Higgins, W., Janowiak, J.,

     Mo,  K. C., Ropelewski, C., Wang, J., Leetmaa, A., . . . Joseph, D. (1996). The NCEP / NCAR

     40-year reanalysis project. Bulletin of the American Meteorologica Society, 77(3), 437-