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APA Style 7th Edition


Author Type Details In-Text Citations
General / 1 Author Use the surname of the author for your in-text citation. (Mathews, 2010, p. 14)
2 Authors

Parenthetical Citations

Narrative Citations

(Smith & Miller, 2009)

Smith and Miller (2009)

3 or more Authors

Parenthetical Citations

Narrative Citations

(Smith et al., 2009)

Smith et al. (2009)

Organizational Authors

If the author of a work is an organization, company, or group, list that group's full name in the in-text citation.

If the organization has a common acronym, you may introduce it in your first in-text citation and then use the abbreviation in all subsequent citations:

(Santa Fe College, 2019)

(American Library Association [ALA], 2010)

(ALA, 2010)

No Author If there is truly no author for a reference, you use the title, or first few words of the title. Note that you should capitalize the words in the title for the in-text citation. Place in quotation marks if the title is an article or chapter. Italicize if it is a book, webpage, etc.

(“How To Find,” 2019)

(Oxford English Dictionary, 2010)