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Medicine: Sampling and sample size calculation

This guide is intended to assist students and researchers to find resources in Medicine

Definition of Sampling

"Power and sample size estimations are measures of how many patients are needed in a study. Nearly all clinical studies entail studying a sample of patients with a particular characteristic rather than the whole population. We then use this sample to draw inferences about the whole population."

Reference: Jones SR, Carley S, Harrison Man introduction to power and sample size estimation. Emergency Medicine Journal 2003;20:453-458.

The references in this section will help you calculate what is a minimum adequate sample for your study to draw valid conclusions.

Free Online Resources

Books Available in UM Library

Online Resources

1. Jones SR, Carley S, Harrison M. An introduction to power and sample size estimation. Emergency Medicine Journal 2003;20:453-458. (FREE)

2. Online sample size calculator for clinical research


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