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Medicine: Information Skills Session

This guide is intended to assist students and researchers to find resources in Medicine

How to Install Endnote

Endnote Installer 

For students : (Login > Software > Download Software > Endnote)

For Staff: (ICT Info > Download Software > Main Software > look for Endnote on the list) 

Any issues regarding the downloading of the software can be forwarded to

e-resources on Using Endnote

Information on using EndNote, with links to resources :


Creating Turnitin Account

1. Creating an account using the Library Class ID and password will give you access to the currently active Library Turnitin Class.
2. Library Turnitin Classes (Indicated by Instructor: UM Library) are opt-out accounts, which means that our accounts does not save or archive your documents but only provide you with the reports.
3. Accounts created by your lecturers, supervisors or IPS could archive your submissions depending on the setting done by them.

Class ID and Class Enrollment Key

You can acquire the Class ID and the Class Enrollment Key for the Library Class from:
The Reference Desk personally at the Central Library’s Entrance or call us at 03-7956 7800.

*Note: You are required to register using your siswamailaddress (or ummailaddress for UM staff) as per the email released by PTM dated 12 April 2017 as other addresses will be deleted during housekeeping.

Turnitin Support Group 

Have a Question? Find the answer in Turnitin guides and documentation. Click : Yes, i need help. 

Information Skills Sessions for the Medical, Dental & Pharmacy Postgraduate Students

Information Skills Sessions 

We would like to inform that the TJ Danaraj Medical Library will be conducting information skills sessions for the Medical, Dental & Pharmacy postgraduate students. The date and time as follows:

1. Endnote Reference Management Software and Introduction to Citation and Referencing  -  25 September, 9 October, or 23 October: 9 am to 11 am

2. Pendeta Discovery and Digital Resources and Interaktif Portal - Online Databases, e-Services, Personalization, Google Scholar and Turnitin  - 2 October, 16 October, or 30 October: 9 am to 11 am

Registration for each session is limited to 15 students per session. 

Please register via UM Library Interaktif Portal:

  1. Log in to Interaktif Portal with you library number (X--------) at this  url: 
  2. Click on eServices tab.
  3.  At Information Skill Session tab, Click on Register
  4. Scroll down the schedules and click See Details on selected works
  5.  Click Register to sign up for the "Information Skills Sessions (For Medical, Dental & Pharmacy students only)

For inquiries, please email or contact Mr. Faizal at 03-79674782.

Session I: Endnote Reference Management Software and Introduction to Citation and Referencing

i. Installation and setting up your library. Selecting citation styles- installing citation styles and input rules
ii. Importing citations from online search, importing citations from online databases, importing citations from open access platforms
iii. Cite while you write (grouping, in-text citation, reference list), Endnote functions (Duplicates, PDF attachments, reference updates)

Session II : Pendeta Discovery and Digital Resources and Interaktif Portal 

i. Pendeta Discovery (My Account), Digital Resources, Book Myne
ii. Interaktif Portal - Online Databases, e-Services (Article Request,Document Delivery), Personalization (MyJournal /Database etc), Turnitin
iii. Google scholar


GIG1004 - Information Literacy Class for Undergraduates Students

Synopsis of Course Contents

This course is designed to equip students with skills that will enable them to find information independently using IT system in the Library. The skills can be applied not only when they are in campus but can also be applied in lifelong learning. The GIG1004 course is one of the University’s course and it is compulsory for students to pass this course in order to fulfill the degree requirement [University of Malaya (First Degree Studies) Rules 2013 University of Malaya (First Degree Studies) Regulations 2013: Part VI: Structure of Programme of Study, Course Components p.10 and Schedule A, Regulation 7(1) Requirements for Graduation – p.51]. This course will train and guide students on how to use computer and IT systems such as Pendeta Discovery (Library Catalogue), Online Databases and the Internet to search for information. 

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students are able to:

  1. iIentify various information sources and references (C2)

  2. Apply knowledge to choose relevant information from various sources (C3)

  3. Prepare reference list according to selected citation style (C3)

Detail of Assessment Weightage

Continuous Assessment :

  • Quiz 1 (15%) - Week 11
  • Quiz 2 – OLM 2 (5%) - Week 10
  • Test (30%) - Week 14
  • Coursework (50%) - Week 13
  • Final Examination :  None

Final result of this course will be PASS (Grade A+ - C) or FAIL (Grade C- - F) and is considered for CGP/CGPA. Please refer to University of Malaya (First Degree Studies) Rules 2013 University of Malaya (First Degree Studies) Regulations 2013, Regulation 5(3) Grading Scheme.

Contact Us



Puan Norazlina Dol @ Othman






GIG1004 - Information Literacy Class

Group 1 (Tuesday) : 12pm -1 pm

Group 2 (Tuesday) : 12pm-1 pm

Group 3 (Wednesday) : 12pm-1 pm

Group 4 (Wednesaday) : 1pm-2 pm

Group 5 (Thursday) : 12pm-1 pm


Level 4, MD2 Computer Lab, Faculty of Medicine,  University of Malaya