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Islamic Studies | Pengajian Islam: Books

Islamic Studies Information Resources | Sumber Maklumat Pengajian Islam

Division of Subject

Syariah Studies

  • Fiqh and Usul‚Äč
  • Siasah Syar'iyyah
  • Syariah and Economics
  • Syariah and Management
  • Syariah and Law

Theological Studies

  • Aqidah and Islamic Thoughts
  • Missionary and Human Development
  • Al-Quran and Al-Hadith
  • Islamic History and Civilization

Joined Studies

  • Islamic Education
  • Islamic Studies programmes

Prefer to browse the shelves?

Many Islamic books are in the BP Call Number range and are located at Islamic Studies Library. 

Subclass BP

BP1-68                General

BP70-80              Biography

BP87-89               Islamic literature

BP100-(157)         Sacred books

BP160-165           General works on islam

BP165.5                Dogma (`Aqa'id)

BP166-166.94       Theology (Kalam)

BP167.5                 Heresy, heresies, heretics

BP168                    Apostasy from Islam

BP169                    Works against Islam and the Koran

See more Library of Congress call numbers here.

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