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This guide is designed to direct you to the useful resources for International and Strategic Studies. We welcome any suggestion and recommendation to enhance this guide. Send your suggestion to any of the librarians in this page.


International Relations is a distinct discipline which draws on diplomatic history, political theory, political economy, political science and international law to provide its own theoretical perspectives to explain conflict and co-operation in the modern world. This enables students to assess developments in the international system and specific geographical regions. They explore issues such as the origins of war and peace, the making of foreign policy, trade regimes, international terrorism, military alliances, and the interaction of political and economic development.

Research Methodology in International and Strategic Studies

There is a wide variety of material within the University of Malaya Library on research methodologies suitable for dissertation or thesis preparation. This includes material on the actual process of academic writing, citation principles, etc.

List of recent material in this area:-

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