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Dentistry: Books

Welcome to the Dentistry Research Guide. Here you'll find resources and information that will assist you with your research. Click on the tabs on this page to uncover detailed lists of information sources to help answer your questions.

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Preclinical Sciences

QS          Human Anatomy

QT          Physiology

QU         Biochemistry

QV          Pharmacology

QW        Microbiology and Immunology

QX          Parasitology

QY          Clinical Pathology

QZ          Pathology

WE         Head and face incl.Craniofacial.

Dentistry / Oral Surgery

WU1-49               Reference Works, General Works

WU50-95             Ethics, Professional Practice  & Personnel Records

WU100-113.7     Anatomy Physiology, Hygiene incl. Clinical Preventive Dentistry

WU140-116         Diseases, Injuries, Technology, Therapeutics

WU170-190        Dental Chemistry and Materials

WU210-290         Dental Anatomy, Diseases incl.  Endodontics, Periodontics.

WU300-360         Operative Dentistry

WU400-440         Orthodontics

WU460-495         Special Patient Groups inc. Pediatrics dentistry

WU500-530         Prosthodontics

WU600-640         Oral Surgery incl. Maxillofacial