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Basic go-to guide for University of Malaya students and staff who are using the UM Library Submission Class to generate Similarity Reports

Class ID & Enrollment Key

The Class ID & Enrollment key will be change by weekly on Friday. Login here to get the latest Class ID & Enrollment Key

Note: The login details are the same as your siswamail/ ummail/ spectrum login details.

Please note Deletion Request for all submissions through UM is under the administration of Jabatan Teknologi Maklumat (JTM) and only request from UM students and staff will be entertained.
Do not share the Class IDs acquired for UM use with non-UM users.

Basic Turnitin Manual

1.   You can acquire the Class ID and the Class Enrollment Key for the library class from the link above. Please choose "UM Staff and Students." 


2. Choose your category, "Student" or "Staff". Key in your siswamail or ummail (or Spectrum) login details and click button "Sign in".



        2.   Submission Classes will be deleted every Friday. Users may enroll in the new submission class IDs updated every Friday. (You do not need to create multiple accounts to enroll in new classes).




1.   Library Turnitin classes will deleted every Friday. Users may enroll to new Class IDs using the same Turnitin Account to continue submitting documents.




1.   To enroll to a class, enter the latest Class ID and Enrollment Key and click submit. You can be enrolled to multiple Class ID within the same Turnitin Account.