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Chinese Studies | Pengajian Cina: Dream of the Red Chamber Research Collection

Overview 缘起

Dream of the Red Chamber is a celebrated Chinese classical novel noted for its noble ideas and aesthetic values. This literary masterpiece has generated significant intellectual interest and research, with a new discipline created, namely, "Redology”, devoted solely to its study. In 2016, Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy donated his 40 years of worldwide collection of the novel in order to establish a “Dream of the Red Chamber Research Collection” in the library of his alma mater  University of Malaya.

This is a rich compilation of the Dream of the Red Chamber  with many types of manuscripts, representing more than 10 different languages and 20 various translations. Since the inception of “Redology” many works related to the Red Chamber have been published and produced, including research materials related to Cao Xueqin and academic dissertations from Malaysia and Singapore. The age of this collection spans over 200 years, from as early as the Jia Qing period (Qing Dynasty, 1796-1820) to the present times.

In addition to the out-of-print copies of the Red Chamber, Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy will also donate classical Chinese paintings and cultural relics related to "Redology", to be displayed in the center. With the establishment of this research collection at the University of Malaya, Malaysia will become one of the main center for the study of the Dream of the Red Chamber, providing enthusiasts of this classical novel a platform to conduct intellectual exchange and research.