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Altmetrics: Altmetrics Data

Scopus Almetric Data

Altmetric is a 3rd party web application that can be downloaded from Altmetric website. It monitors social networks, mainstream media outlets and reference managers for mentions of academic papers. Instead of replacement to established metrics, Altmetrics is regarded as a way to augment mainstream bibliometrics. 

Scopus source data powered by

  • CiteUlike
  • Blogs
  • Post-Publication Peer-Review Sites (Pubpeer, Publons and F1000Prime)
  • Wikipedia
  • Q&A Site (Stack Exchange)
  • Mass Media
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Wiley Online Library Altmetric Data


Altmetrics data is now available across many of the articles on Wiley Online Library following the successful pilot across Open Access articles.

The, who provide the data, collect article level metrics and the online conversations around research papers by tracking a selection of online indicators (both scholarly and non-scholarly) to give a measurement of digital impact and reach. 'Mentions' that contain links to any version of the same paper are picked up, and collated. The result is the Altmetric score.

The Altmetric data available on the journal articles allows you to:

  • See the attention that each article is receiving in real-time

  • Explore the conversations surrounding the content

  • Identify recent papers your peers think are interesting


The Almetric Score

The score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a scholarly article has received. It is derived from 3 main factors:

1. Volume
The score for an article rises as more people mention it.
2. Sources
Each category of mention contributes a different base amount to the final score.
3. Authors
How often the author of each mention talks about scholarly articles influences the contribution of the mention.