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Anthropology & Sociology: Books

This guide is designed to direct you to the useful resources for Antropology & Sociology. We welcome any suggestion and recommendation to enhance this guide. Send your suggestion to any of the librarians in this page.

Some New Books

How to get books not available in the library

If the book you need is not available in the library, you may

  • Request to borrow the book from other institutions via "Publication Supply", or
  • Suggest books for the library to purchase.

Send your request/suggestion via eServices at interaktif portal.


Browse by Subject 

  • Most Antropology & Sociology books are shelved on Level 2 of the Central Library.
  • We use the Library of Congress classification scheme. Key locations for titles of interest to Antropology & Sociology students are listed here.
  • Call Number      Subject

    Subclass GN

    GN1-890      Anthropology

    GN49-298         Physical anthropology. Somatology

    GN51-59              Anthropometry

    GN62.8-265          Human variation Including growth, physical form, skeleton,

                               nervous system, skin, etc.

    GN269-279           Race (General)

    GN280.7              Man as an animal. Simian traits versus human traits

    GN281-289           Human evolution

    GN282-286.7        Fossil man. Human paleontology

    GN296-296.5        Medical anthropology

    GN301-674      Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology

    GN357-367          Culture and cultural processes Including social change, structuralism, diffusion, etc.

    GN378-396          Collected ethnographies

    GN397-397.7       Applied anthropology

    GN406-517          Cultural traits, customs, and institutions

    GN406-442          Technology. Material culture Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc.

    GN448-450.8       Economic organization. Economic anthropology

    GN451-477.7       Intellectual life Including communication, recreation, philosophy,

                              religion, knowledge, etc.

    GN478-491.7       Social organization

    GN492-495.2       Political organization. Political anthropology

    GN495.4-498       Societal groups, ethnocentrism, diplomacy, warfare, etc.

    GN502-517         Psychological anthropology

    GN537-674     Ethnic groups and races

    GN550-674         By region or country


    HM(1)-1281         Sociology

    HM435-477                History of sociology. History of sociological theory

    HM461-473                Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought

    HM481-554                Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects

    HM621-656                Culture

    HM661-696                Social control

    HM701                      Social systems

    HM706                      Social structure

    HM711-806                Groups and organizations

    HM756-781                Community

    HM786-806                Organizational sociology. Organization theory

    HM811-821                Deviant behavior. Social deviance

    HM826                      Social institutions

    HM831-901                Social change

    HM1001-1281             Social psychology

    HM1041-1101             Social perception.

    HM1106-1171             Interpersonal relations. Social behavior

    HM1176-1281             Social influence. Social pressure