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English: Societies & Associations

Welcome to our English subject page which brings together a host of information about using English resources at University of Malaya Library. It covers entire span of literature in English.


The English-Speaking Union of Malaysia

The English Speaking Union (‘ESU’) is an independent, non-political, educational charity with members throughout the United Kingdom, the United States and branches in 50 countries worldwide. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and human achievement through the widening use of the English Language. For millions of people throughout the world, proficiency in English is a key factor in personal and professional achievements. In this global environment, the English Language plays a pivitol role in promoting and fostering international cooperation and friendship.

Malaysian Association of Modern Languages

The Malaysian Association of Modern Languages was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia in 1986, following a popular demand from teachers and researchers for a body which could act as a concourse for them to promote common interest, i.e. teaching and researching into languages which are still actively spoken in this modern world, and with that matters relating to the use of the languages in various aspects of the lives of their respective communities.

Penang English Language Learning and Teaching

PELLTA is a professional non-profit organisation based in Penang, Malaysia. Membership is open to all who are interested in the teaching and learning of the English language.


Cambridge English Language Society

Cambridge English Language Society bring people together to improve communication and interpersonal skills in the English Language.

Cambridge English Language Society (C-ELS)

Cambridge English Language Society (C-ELS) organises English sessions, mainly speaking, at different levels: for the community, students and professionals. C-ELS is also a platform for our participants to come together to overcome their difficulties in speaking and to develop their speaking skills.