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Journals: Home

What is a journal?

A journal is a scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, professors and other experts. Journals focus on a specific discipline or field of study. Unlike newspapers and magazines, journals are intended for an academic or technical audience, not general readers.

Most journal articles...

  • Are peer reviewed
  • Have original research
  • Focus on current developments
  • Cite other works and have bibliographies
  • Can be in print, online or both

Journals are published on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and are sequentially numbered.

Each copy is an issue; a set of issues makes a volume (usually each year is a separate volume). Like newspapers and magazines, journals are also called periodicals or serials.

Accessing e-Journals

To access the e-collection you will need to have the library ID. It is the x number on top of the barcode which can be found at the back of your matric card.

What is an e-journal (electronic journal)?

  • An e-journal (electronic journal) is a journal published online. It is a periodical publication which is published in electronic format, usually on the Internet. Electronic journals have several advantages over traditional printed journals: You can search the contents pages and/or the full text of journals to find articles on a certain subject.
  • Full-text journal articles are available via a platform that provide both browsing and searching functions.
  • Library users can access e-journals on the Library Website, within the campus network, or via remote access.