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How to access past exam papers

How to search for exam papers for a particular course?

Can't find any past exam papers for your course?

  • The Library only provide access to exam papers released by the Exam Section/Faculty on the advice of the Lecturer.
  • If you cannot find the exam paper you are looking you will need to check the availability of the paper with the Lecturer.
  • Some lecturers do not allow their papers to be published particularly from Medical & Dentistry Faculty.
  • Exams with multiple choice sections are also not usually published.
  • Please take note that older papers might not be relevant to current course content.

Past Year Exam Papers

1. Go to and click on "Read more" button as per below :

2. Choose "UM Past Exam Papers".


3.Enter your library barcode (the x number at the back of your matric card or your student ID ( new student), and your password ( My Account password)

4. You may browse by 

  • (A & C) Browse : by year, faculties, Code Subject & type
  • (B) : Search the repository using a full range of fields. Please enter a full code subject or by its title. Enter the code  subject contains the alphabets followed by numbers without spaces for searching by its code subject (eg: KBEB0101, IXAX0101).