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International Conference on Libraries, Information Society



International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society (ICoLIS)


International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society (ICoLIS) is organized by the Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Malaya and the Universiti Malaya Library. The conference is being held once in every two years.

The main purposes of the conference are to:

  • Provide opportunities for sharing and discussion of the current status, trends, research, directions, issues and challenges on the role of information in developing a learning society
  • Explore ways and reality-based scenarios in developing new models for the development of an information literate society

  • Examine issues related to consolidating technology, information resources, knowledge and skills into strategic competencies in order to strengthen the role of information use in a learning society
    Foster cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders, challenge, debate, learn and optimize the contribution of scholarly research, innovative programs and strategies of information literacy.