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PlumX Metrics: PlumX Metrics@Scopus

This guide aims to provide some reference on PlumX Metrics

Article Metrics module in Scopus

PlumX Metrics is now the primary source of article-level metrics in Scopus alongside the Scopus citation count and Field-weighted citation impact.

A researcher can find the Article Metrics module in a Scopus Document details page, where a sidebar highlights the corresponding article-level metrics. Clicking on “View all metrics” opens a more detailed Metrics page, displaying all available metrics and the underlying content for further analysis and understanding.

As a researcher, PlumX Metrics in Scopus is used to help evaluate the impact of their work and understand how individual articles are being consumed. 

To illustrate how this works, look at the tutorial that demonstrates how Article Metrics are used in Scopus.

Tutorial on using Article Metrics in Scopus