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Scholarly Publications Guides: WOS Researcher ID (Formerly Publons)

Introduction to your Web of Science Researcher Profile

Your Web of Science Researcher Profile

Your Web of Science researcher profile is the public facing element of your Web of Science account where other members of the community can see the publications, verified peer reviews, verified editor records, current editorial board memberships and metrics that make up your verified record of contributions to research.

To view your researcher profile please use one of the following methods:

1. On the left side navigation panel click on ‘person icon’

screen shot of researcher profile icon access

2. Click on the side navigation panel "Menu", then click on ‘Profile’ and ‘My researcher profile’

screen shot of researcher profile menu access


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Update publications in Web of Science Researcher Profile

How do I add publications to my Web of Science researcher profile?

First, click on '+ Manage' at right hand side of the Document tab

Click on the “+ Add publications” button on the top of your ‘My publication records’ page. 

You can also navigate to this page via the sidebar navigation. Click: Profile > My Records > + ADD Publications  

This will lead you to a page where you will see several options to populate your publication history on your Web of Science Researcher Profile, so that no matter how you store them currently they should be easy to import. 

The options are: 

  • Suggested publications - Use your name and email addresses to query Web of Science and allow you to claim the publications returned.
  • Identifier import- Manually add publications one-by-one by entering one of the following identifiers: DOI, Web of Science accession number, arXiv, or PubMed ID, or title. (Recommended for UMExpert user)
  • File upload- Import your publication history from another platform by uploading an exported file in RIS, CSV, or BibTex format.
  • Sync with ORCID- WOS will pull in all journal articles you have added to your ORCID record and then retrieve any further metadata they can find for them.

How do I delete publications from my record?

If you have accidentally added a publication to your profile that you would like to remove, you can delete this via your My publication records page. Navigate here and then click on ‘delete’ on the publication you would like to delete and then confirm.  

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