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History: Databases

A guide to access the vast array of resources the Libraries has in relation to History.

Tips for Finding Articles

Use online databases to find articles in journals, newspapers, and magazines (periodicals). You can search for periodical articles by the article author, title, or keyword by using databases in your subject area in A-Z Online Databases

Choose the database best suited to your particular topic.

Ask at the reference desk if you need help figuring out which ones are best.

If the article full text is not linked from the citation in the database you are using, search for the title of the periodical in our Library Catalog This catalog lists the print, microform, and electronic versions of journals, magazines, and newspapers available in the library.



  1. Africa Research Bulletin. Political, Social, and Cultural Series On IngentaConnect 
  2. Africa Research Bulletin. Political, Social, and Cultural Series On Wiley Online Library 
  3. Africa Spectrum On OA and Free e-Journals
  4. Africa Spectrum On JSTOR Archive 
  5. Africa Today
  6. African Affairs On Oxford University Press Journals 
  7. African Affairs On JSTOR Archive 
  8. African and Asian Studies On Brill 
  9. African and Asian Studies On IngentaConnect 
  10. African Studies
  11. African Studies Review On Project MUSE
  12. African Studies Review On JSTOR Archive 
  13. Cahiers d'Études Africaines
  14. History in Africa On JSTOR Archive 
  15. History in Africa On Project MUSE 
  16. Journal of African Economies On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  17. Journal of African Economies On Oxford University Press Journals
  18. Journal of African History On Cambridge Journals Online 
  19. Journal of African History On JSTOR Archive
  20. Journal of Asian and African Studies Journal of Eastern African Studies
  21. Journal of Eastern African Studies
  22. Journal of Modern African Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  23. Journal of Modern African Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  24. Journal of Southern African Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  25. Journal of Southern African Studies On Taylor & Francis Online 
  26. Law, Democracy & Development
  27. Review of African Political Economy On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  28. Review of African Political Economy On Taylor & Francis Online 
  29. Review of African Political Economy On JSTOR Archive
  30. Transformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa

Oceania (South Seas)

  1. ACH: the Journal of the History of Culture in Australia
  2. Contemporary Pacific
  3. Journal of Pacific History
  4. Pacific Affairs On JSTOR Archive 
  5. Pacific Affairs On Direct Access e-Journals 

History of the Americas


  1. African American Review
  2. American Antiquity
  3. American Historical Review On JSTOR Archive
  4. American Historical Review On Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection @EBSCOhost 
  5. American Indian Quarterly On JSTOR Archive 
  6. American Indian Quarterly On Project MUSE 
  7. American Indian Quarterly On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  8. American Jewish History
  9. The Americas On Project MUSE 
  10. The Americas On JSTOR Archive
  11. Black Enterprise
  12. Black Issues Book Review
  13. The Black Scholar On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest®
  14. The Black Scholar On Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection @EBSCOhost
  15. Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien
  16. Civil War History
  17. Family Process On CINAHL® Complete @EBSCOhost 
  18. Family Process On MEDLINE Complete @EBSCOhost 
  19. Foreign Policy On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest®
  20. Foreign Policy On JSTOR Archive 
  21. Foreign Policy Bulletin: the Documentary Record of United States Foreign Policy On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  22. Foreign Policy Bulletin: the Documentary Record of United States Foreign Policy On Cambridge Journals Online 
  23. Headline Series
  24. The Journal of American History On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  25. The Journal of American History On JSTOR Archive 
  26. Journal of American Studies
  27. Journal of Asian American Studies
  28. Journal of Black Studies On JSTOR Archive
  29. Journal of Black Studies On SAGE Journals 
  30. Journal of Latin American Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  31. Journal of Latin American Studies On JSTOR Archive
  32. Journal of Military History On Project MUSE
  33. Journal of Military History On JSTOR Archive 
  34. Journal of the Early Republic On Project MUSE 
  35. Journal of the Early Republic On JSTOR Archive
  36. Latin American Research Review On JSTOR Archive 
  37. Latin American Research Review On Project MUSE 
  38. Latino Studies
  39. Magazine of History
  40. Middle East Policy
  41. OAH Newsletter
  42. Revue française d'études américaines
  43. The Western Journal of Black Studies
  44. Wicazo Sa Review On Project MUSE
  45. Wicazo Sa Review On JSTOR Archive

United States local history 

  1. American Nineteenth Century History
  2. American Review of Canadian Studies
  3. Ancient Mesoamerica
  4. BC Studies
  5. Bulletin of Latin American Research
  6. The Canadian Historical Review
  7. Canadian Review of American Studies
  8. Cuban Studies
  9. D - Dallas/Fort Worth
  10. Francophonies D'Amerique
  11. Hispanic American Historical Review On Project MUSE
  12. Hispanic American Historical Review On JSTOR Archive
  13. Hispanic Review On JSTOR Archive 
  14. Hispanic Review On Project MUSE 
  15. Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs On JSTOR Archive 
  16. Journal of Latin American Geography On Project MUSE 
  17. Journal of Southern History On JSTOR Archive 
  18. Latin American Perspectives On JSTOR Archive 
  19. Latin American Perspectives On SAGE Journals
  20. Latin American Politics & Society On JSTOR Archive 
  21. Latin American Politics & Society On Project MUSE 
  22. Latin American Research Review On Project MUSE 
  23. Latin American Research Review On JSTOR Archive 
  24. Mexican Studies-Estudios Mexicanos
  25. Ñawpa Pacha: Journal of Andean Archaeology
  26. New Orleans Magazine
  27. Ohio
  28. Quarterly Bulletin of the Frontier Nursing Service, Inc
  29. Small Axe On OA and Free e-Journals
  30. Small Axe On Project MUSE 
  31. Southern Cultures
  32. Southwestern Historical Quarterly
  33. Texas Monthly
  34. Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers


World History

       History (General)

  1. Annales d'histoire économique et sociale
  2. Annales historiques de la Révolution française
  3. Annales révolutionnaires
  4. Annuaire historique pour l'année ..
  5. Annuaire-Bulletin de la Société de l'histoire de France
  6. Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance
  7. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research On Direct Access e-Journals 
  8. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research On JSTOR Archive 
  9. The Business Times
  10. Cahiers du Monde russe et soviétique
  11. Central European History
  12. Comparative European Politics
  13. Contemporary European History On Cambridge Journals Online 
  14. Contemporary European History On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  15. European History Quarterly
  16. Foreign Affairs On Direct Access e-Journals 
  17. Foreign Affairs On JSTOR Archive 
  18. Harvard International Review On Direct Access e-Journals 
  19. Harvard International Review On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  20. The Historical Journal On Cambridge Journals Online 
  21. The Historical Journal On JSTOR Archive 
  22. History and Theory On JSTOR Archive 
  23. History and Theory On Wiley Online Library
  24. History and Theory On IngentaConnect 
  25. History of European Ideas On ScienceDirect®
  26. History of European Ideas On Taylor & Francis Online 
  27. History Workshop Journal On Project MUSE 
  28. History Workshop Journal On Oxford University Press Journals 
  29. Holocaust and Genocide Studies On Project MUSE 
  30. Holocaust and Genocide Studies On Oxford University Press Journals 
  31. The Huntington Library Quarterly On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  32. The Huntington Library Quarterly On JSTOR Archive 
  33. International Review of Social History
  34. International Studies Quarterly On Wiley Online Library 
  35. International Studies Quarterly On JSTOR Archive 
  36. Journal of British Studies
  37. Journal of Cold War Studies
  38. Journal of Contemporary History On JSTOR Archive
  39. Journal of Contemporary History On SAGE Journals 
  40. Journal of European Studies
  41. Journal of Global History
  42. Journal of Historical Sociology
  43. The Journal of Interdisciplinary History On Project MUSE 
  44. The Journal of Interdisciplinary History On JSTOR Archive 
  45. Journal of Israeli History
  46. Journal of Medieval History
  47. Journal of Modern History
  48. Journal of Victorian Culture
  49. Journal of World History
  50. Media, War & Conflict
  51. Mediterranean Quarterly
  52. Mouvement Social
  53. Oral History Review On JSTOR Archive 
  54. Oral History Review On Oxford University Press Journals 
  55. Orbis
  56. Past & Present On Project MUSE 
  57. Past & Present On Oxford University Press Journals 
  58. Past & Present On JSTOR Archive
  59. Revue du Seizième siècle
  60. Rural History
  61. SAIS Review
  62. Seizième Siècle
  63. Slavic Review
  64. The Social Studies: A Periodical for Teachers and Administrators On Taylor & Francis Online 
  65. The Social Studies: A Periodical for Teachers and Administrators On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest®
  66. The Social Studies: A Periodical for Teachers and Administrators
  67. Studies in History
  68. Teaching History
  69. Trabajos de Prehistoria
  70. Vingtième Siècle. Revue d'histoire
  71. Washington Quarterly  On Taylor & Francis Online
  72. Washington Quarterly  On Project MUSE
  73. World Policy Journal
  74. World Politics On JSTOR Archive 
  75. World Politics On Project MUSE
  76. World Politics On Cambridge Journals Online

 Great Britain

  1. 20 Century British History
  2. Anglo-Saxon England
  3. The Antiquaries Journal
  4. Camden Fifth Series
  5. Éire-Ireland
  6. English Historical Review
  7. English Historical Review
  8. International Affairs
  9. New Hibernia Review

Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary – Czechoslovakia

  1. Austrian History Yearbook

France - Andorra – Monaco

  1. French Cultural Studies
  2. French Historical Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  3. French Historical Studies On Project MUSE 
  4. French History


  1. German History On SAGE Journals 
  2. German History On Oxford University Press Journals 
  3. German Studies Review

Greco-Roman World

  1. Greece & Rome On Cambridge Journals Online
  2. Greece & Rome On JSTOR Archive 
  3. Mediterranean Historical Review


  1. Hesperia On Project MUSE 
  2. Hesperia On JSTOR Archive 
  3. Journal of Hellenic Studies On JSTOR Archive
  4. Journal of Hellenic Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  5. Journal of Modern Greek Studies

Italy – Malta

  1. Journal of Roman Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  2. Journal of Roman Studies On JSTOR Archive

Netherlands (Holland)

  1. Oud Holland

Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics – Poland

  1. Études Slaves et Est-Européennes / Slavic and East-European Studies
  2. Europe-Asia Studies On Taylor & Francis Online
  3. Europe-Asia Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  4. Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History On Project MUSE 

Spain – Portugal

  1. Luso-Brazilian Review On Project MUSE
  2. Luso-Brazilian Review On JSTOR Archive
  3. Portuguese Studies

Balkan Peninsula

  1. Journal of Balkan & Near Eastern Studies
  2. Journal of Baltic Studies




  1. African and Asian Studies On IngentaConnect 
  2. African and Asian Studies On Brill 
  3. Asian Affairs
  4. Asian Affairs: An American Review
  5. Asian Culture and History
  6. Asian Economic and Financial Review
  7. Asian Ethnicity
  8. Asian Ethnology
  9. Asian Journal of Social Science
  10. Asian Perspectives
  11. Asian Studies Review
  12. Asian Survey
  13. Bijdragen Tot de Taal-, Land-en Volkenkunde: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia and Oceania
  14. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
  15. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
  16. China Journal
  17. The China Quarterly On JSTOR Archive 
  18. The China Quarterly On Cambridge Journals Online 
  19. China Report
  20. Chinese Studies in History
  21. Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  22. Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International & Strategic Affairs
  23. Critical Asian Studies
  24. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies
  25. Environment and Urbanization ASIA
  26. Explorations: A Graduate Student Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  27. Indonesia and the Malay World
  28. International Journal of Asian Social Science
  29. International Journal of Asian Studies
  30. The International Journal of Middle East Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  31. The International Journal of Middle East Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  32. Internationales Asien Forum. International Quarterly for Asian Studies On Direct Access e-Journals 
  33. Internationales Asien Forum. International Quarterly for Asian Studies On ABI/INFORM Complete @ProQuest® 
  34. Iran & the Caucasus
  35. Iranian Studies
  36. Israel Affairs
  37. Israel Studies
  38. Jebat: Malaysian Journal of History, Politics and Strategic Studies
  39. Jewish Quarterly Review On JSTOR Archive
  40. Jewish Quarterly Review On Project MUSE 
  41. Jewish Social Studies On Project MUSE 
  42. Jewish Social Studies On Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection @EBSCOhost
  43. Journal Asiatique
  44. The Journal of Asian Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  45. The Journal of Asian Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  46. The Journal of Asian Studies
  47. Journal of Chinese Overseas
  48. Journal of Contemporary Asia
  49. Journal of Contemporary China
  50. Journal of East Asian Studies
  51. Journal of International and Area Studies
  52. Journal of Islamic Studies On IngentaConnect 
  53. Journal of Islamic Studies On Oxford University Press Journals 
  54. Journal of Japanese Studies On Project MUSE 
  55. Journal of Japanese Studies On JSTOR Archive
  56. Journal of Near Eastern Studies On JSTOR Archive 
  57. Journal of Near Eastern Studies On University of Chicago Journals 
  58. Journal of Palestine Studies
  59. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies On Cambridge Journals Online 
  60. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies On JSTOR Archive
  61. Kajian Malaysia
  62. Korean Studies
  63. Late Imperial China
  64. MERIP Middle East Report
  65. Middle East Journal On Project MUSE
  66. Middle East Journal On IngentaConnect 
  67. Middle East Journal On JSTOR Archive 
  68. Middle East Policy
  69. Middle Eastern Studies
  70. Modern Asian Studies On Cambridge Journals Online
  71. Modern Asian Studies On JSTOR Archive
  72. Modern China On JSTOR Archive 
  73. Modern China On SAGE Journals 
  74. Monumenta Nipponica On JSTOR Archive 
  75. Monumenta Nipponica On Project MUSE 
  76. Muslim World: A Journal Devoted To the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
  77. Patterns of Prejudice
  78. positions: East Asia Cultures Critique
  79. Regional Outlook Southeast Asia
  80. Social Science Japan Journal
  81. South Asia Economic Journal
  82. South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal
  83. South Asia Research
  84. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
  85. South Asian Studies On Taylor & Francis Online 
  86. South Asian Studies On Direct Access e-Journals 
  87. The South Asianist
  88. South East Asia Research
  89. Southeast Asian Perspectives
  90. Southeast Asian Studies
  91. T'oung Pao On Brill 
  92. T'oung Pao On IngentaConnect 
  93. Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte
  94. Year Book