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Physics: Databases

Welcome to the guide for the Physics. Here you'll find resources and information that will assist you with your research. Click on the tabs on this page to uncover detailed lists of information sources to help answer your questions.

Primary Databases for Physics

The Library databases listed here are collections of journal articles searchable by author, title, keywords, subject indexing terms, and sometimes every word in the articles.  They may contain or link to the full text of the articles, or they may only contain abstracts of the articles.


Many times a keyword search will give sufficient results.  If not, look at a few relevant article titles, abstracts, and keywords or descriptors.  They often suggest other good words to use in your search.  Also look for "Find more like this" options in the database (not all databases offer this).

Most of the science databases have search capabilities far beyond simple keyword searching.  If you need to do extensive research in a database, learn how it works.  Look for tutorials or help sections or consult with a librarian. This will save you time in the long run.

Two databases in one:
1) Start with a known article and use the Cited Reference Search tab to find other articles that cite it.
‚Äč2) Use the Search tab to search for articles by subjects or authors. 
TIP: To bring the articles most relevant to the topic to the top of the results list for a subject search, change the Sort By option to Relevance.

Online access to articles from leading physical sciences publications including journals, conference proceedings, standards, and blogs published by American Institute of Physics (AIP) Publishing and its partners. Hosts Physics Today, AIP’s flagship magazine. Articles are tagged with controlled subject terms, allowing easy discovery of related content. Offers article-level metrics to measure article impact over time.

Access to nearly one-third of the world's current literature in electrical engineering, electronics and computer science. Full-text PDF images of all articles, papers and standards.

Access full-text journal articles from the life, medical, technical, social and physical sciences. Includes more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals.

This database is the American Physical Society's online archive for Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A–E, Physical Review Special Topics, and Reviews of Modern Physics. It contains all APS journal articles published from 1893 to present.

Multidisiplnary database

These are databases that cover multiple subject areas and may have content unavailable elsewhere. Multidisciplinary databases are a good place to get results with a broad focus if you're not sure which aspect of a topic to write about.