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Data Management Plan Guides

This guide is an introduction to data management planning. It contains tools, tips and checklists for creating a data management plan and managing your research data

Data Management Plan (DMP)

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document that specifies your plans for managing data for a research project. It describes how data will be collected, processed, analyzed, described, preserved, and shared during the course of a research project. DMP facilitates research on how to handle, organize and structure research data and documentation throughout the research process.  A DMP that is associated with a research study must include comprehensive information about the data such as the types of data produced, the metadata standards used, the policies for access and sharing, and the plans for archiving and preserving data so that it is accessible over time. DMPs ensure that data will be properly documented and available for use by other researchers in the future. 

Why is Data Management so important?

This video illustrates how NOT to manage your data

Source: NYU Health Sciences Library

This video shows about what data management planning is, how you go about and why it is important 

Source: Research Data Netherlands