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How to register Information Skill Session: Home

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Information Skills session that offer are: 

Classes  Details 
EndNote Reference Management software 

Part 1: Manual Citation 

Part 2: Importing Citation 

Part 3: Cite While You Write & Reference List

Pendeta Discovery and Digital Resources 


Pendeta Discovery (My Account), Digital Resources, Book Myne
Interaktif Portal - Online Databases, e-Services, Personalization and Turnitin Interaktif Portal - Online Databases, e-Services (Article Request,Document Delivery), Personalization (MyJournal /Database etc), Turnitin

How to register?

1. Go to and enter your library barcode (the x number at the back of your Matric Card) in the Login box as shown below :


2. Once you are in, look for ‘eSERVICES’ on at the top of the Portal page. Click on eSERVICES.

3. Look for the "Information Skills Session"  section and click Register.

4. The schedule will be displayed.  Click 'See details' to see more information on that session. 

5.  Click register to enroll to the class 

NOTE: If the class full (15 pax per session) it will be notified as 'Fully registered'