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Engineering: List of Publication

This subject guide covers resources available at the UM Libraries for locating information in Engineering. We are here to make sure that you are getting the help you need with library resources, databases, searches, training and instruction.

Faculty of Engineering, UM

Papers Indexed in Web of Science (2017)

  1. A new approach to characterize epileptic seizures using analytic time-frequency flexible wavelet transform and fractal dimension by Sharma, M; Pachori, RB; Achary
  2. Q-switched Raman fiber laser with titanium dioxide based saturable absorber  by Hisamuddin, N; Jusoh, Z; Zakaria, UN; Zulkifli, MZ; Latiff, AA; Yasin, M; Ahmad, H; Harun, SW .
  3. Thermodynamics of Viscous Flow of tert-Butanol with Butylamines: UNIFAC-VISCO, Grunberg-Nissan and McAllister Three Body Interaction Models for Viscosity Prediction and Quantum Chemical (DFT) Calculations by Chowdhury, FI; Khandaker, MU; Zabed, H; Karim, MR; Kassim, HA; Arof, A.
  4. Experimental exploration of hydrogen enrichment in a dual fuel CI engine with exhaust gas recirculation  by Rahman, MA; Ruhul, AM; Aziz, MA; Ahmed, R.
  5. Efficiency Enhancement of Wireless Power Transfer with Optimum Coupling Mechanism for Mid-range Operation by Anowar, TI; Kumar, N; Ramiah, H; Reza, AW.
  6. Parametric Study and Process Evaluation of Fenton Oxidation: Application of Sequential Response Surface Methodology and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Computing Technique by Buthiyappan, A; Raman, AAA; Davoody, M; Daud, WMAW. 
  7. Convolutional neural network regression for short-axis left ventricle segmentation in cardiac cine MR sequences by an, LK; Liew, YM; Lim, E; McLaughlin, RA
  8. Influence of preheatin g of fly ash precursors to produce geopolymers by Ranjbar, N; Kuenzel, C.
  9. Evaluation of Industrial By-Products as Sustainable Pozzolanic Materials in Recycled Aggregate Concrete by Alnahhal, MF; Alengaram, UJ; Jumaat, MZ; Alqedra, MA; Mo, KH; Sumesh, M.
  10. Evolutionary prediction of electrocoagulation efficiency and energy consumption probing by Akhbari, A; Bonakdari, H; Ebtehaj, I.
  11. Effect of Substitution of Normal Weight Coarse Aggregate with Oil-Palm-Boiler Clinker on Properties of Concrete by Chai, LJ; Shafigh, P; Mahmud, H; Aslam, M.
  12. Incorporation of nano-materials in cement composite and geopolymer based paste and mortar - A review by Sumesh, M; Alengaram, UJ; Jumaat, MZ; Mo, KH; Alnahhal, M.
  13. Microstructural Modification of Sn-0.7Cu Solder Alloys by Fe/Bi-Addition for Achieving High Mechanical Performance by Ali, B; Sabri, MFM; Said, SM; Mahdavifard, MH; Sukiman, NL; Jauhari, I.
  14. High Strength Lightweight Aggregate Concrete using Blended Coarse Lightweight Aggregate Origin from Palm Oil Industry by Aslam, M; Shafigh, P; Jumaat, MZ. 
  15. Synthesis, Characterization and the Solvent Effects on Interfacial Phenomena of Jatropha Curcas Oil Based Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane by Haniffa, MAM; Ching, YC; Chuah, CH; Kuan, YC; Liu, DS; Liou, NS.

Papers Indexed in Scopus (2017)‚Äč

  1. Technique to characterise transient behavioural of multistage RF power amplifier for two-way radio applications by Anand L., Kumar N., Kanesan J.  
  2. Immobilized copper ions on MWCNTS-Chitosan thin film: Enhanced amperometric sensor for electrochemical determination of diclofenac sodium in aqueous solution by Shalauddin M., Akhter S., Bagheri S., Abd Karim M.S., Adib Kadri N., Basirun W.J. 
  3. Performance evaluation of Al2O3 nanoparticle-modified asphalt binder by Ali S.I.A., Ismail A., Karim M.R., Yusoff N.I.M., Al-Mansob R.A., Aburkaba E. 
  4. Optimization of extraction of lipid from Isochrysis galbana microalgae species for biodiesel synthesis by Silitonga A.S., Masjuki H.H., Ong H.C., Mahlia T.M.I., Kusumo F. 
  5. Multimodality registration of two-dimensional echocardiography and cardiac CT for mitral valve diagnosis and surgical planning by Khalil A., Faisal A., Ng S.-C., Liew Y.M., Lai K.W. 
  6. Effect of deacetylation on property of electrospun chitosan/PVA nanofibrous membrane and removal of methyl orange, Fe(III) and Cr(VI) ions by Habiba U., Siddique T.A., Talebian S., Lee J.J.L., Salleh A., Ang B.C., Afifi A.M. 
  7. Mechanically exfoliated 2D nanomaterials as saturable absorber for Q-switched erbium doped fiber laser by Ahmed M.H.M., Al-Masoodi A.H.H., Latiff A.A., Arof H., Harun S.W.
  8. Influence of sodium on the properties of sol-gel derived hydroxyapatite powder and porous scaffolds by Sopyan I., Pusparini E., Ramesh S., Tan C.Y., Ching Y.C., Wong Y.H., Abidin N.I.Z., Chandran H., Ramesh S., Bang L.T.
  9. Cadmium Selenide Polymer Microfiber Saturable Absorber for Q-Switched Fiber Laser Applications by Rosol A.H.A., Rahman H.A., Ismail E.I., Irawati N., Jusoh Z., Latiff A.A., Harun S.W.
  10. Influence of thermal and chemical pretreatment on structural stability of granular sludge for high-rate hydrogen production in an UASB bioreactor by Zinatizadeh A.A., Mirghorayshi M., Birgani P.M., Mohammadi P., Ibrahim S. 
  11. A deep convolutional neural network model to classify heartbeats by Acharya U.R., Oh S.L., Hagiwara Y., Tan J.H., Adam M., Gertych A., Tan R.S. 
  12. 2D to 3D fusion of echocardiography and cardiac CT for TAVR and TAVI image guidance by Khalil A., Faisal A., Lai K.W., Ng S.C., Liew Y.M. 
  13. The Mechanical Factors Influencing the Assessment of Intermediate Stenosis Severity Explained Through Fractional Flow Reserve by Govindaraju K., Viswanathan G.N., Badruddin I.A., Weldemariam S.A., Gebrehiwot W.Z., Kamangar S.
  14. Electrocoagulation treatment of raw landfill leachate using iron-based electrodes: Effects of process parameters and optimization by Huda N., Raman A.A.A., Bello M.M., Ramesh S.