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All About Kindle Paperwhite - The E Book Reader: Home

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers produced by Amazon Kindle enable users to shop for, download, browse and read e-books.


Titles on Kindle

What is Kindle Paperwhite?




eBooks and eBook readers are prevalent in modern countries. By using Amazon Kindle, the charge of obtaining books are cheaper and quicker. The advantages of Kindle are: 

  • Portability: Light and easy to carry
  • Capacity:  Reader can store hundreds of books in their collection
  • Software-based dictionary:  Tap on any word text and its definition is displayed.
  • Enhance reading skill: Notes can be exported and the reader can create their own personal reading list.
  • Bookmark: Amazon kindle auto-book mark the last page reader read without scrolling or page-turning again.

The University of Malaya Library is offering users to use this tab. UM, Library Kindle is pre-loaded with bestsellers, popular, motivational and Inspirational titles. Currently, UM's students and staffs are eligible to borrow a Kindle Tab for two weeks.

How do I test out Kindle?

We have placed a few Kindles at the Service Counter, Central Library for you to try out. Briefings on how to use the Kindles will be held from time to time. Watch out for the announcement on the library website, Facebook and Twitter.

How do I borrow a Kindle Reader?

5 Kindle Readers are available for loans for two weeks. Take note of the terms and condition of borrowing :

  1. Do not download or delete any content from the Kindle without the permission of the
  2. Return the Kindle on or before its due date.

Kindles are available at the following locations :

  • Service Counter, Central Library. Please refer to Opening hours at the Library Website
  • Please return the Kindles at the same place.